Significant female role/s

THE 7 STAGES OF GRIEVING by Wesley Enoch add to cart
BUSTOWN by Lachlan Philpott add to cart
THE CHILD by Raimondo Cortese add to cart
CLOUDSTREET by Nick Enright add to cart
COLOURED ALIENS by Chi Vu add to cart
CONSTRUCTION OF THE HUMAN HEART by Ross Mueller add to cart
CREDENTIALS by David Williamson add to cart
CROSS SECTIONS by Suzie Miller add to cart
DISREGARDING SHE by Thomas Lawton add to cart
ELEGY by Clare Hennessy add to cart
GENESIS by William Hinz add to cart
GLYCERINE TEARS by Jack Hibberd add to cart
GONE VIRAL by Sally Hardy add to cart
HOTEL SORRENTO by Hannie Rayson add to cart
LOVE LIES by Frances Bowick add to cart
MEDEA by Suzie Miller add to cart
MULTIPLE CHOICE by Alana Valentine add to cart
OFTEN I FIND THAT I AM NAKED by Fiona Sprott add to cart
THE OTHER PLACE by Christopher Bryant add to cart
SALT CREEK MURDERS by Melissa Reeves add to cart
SELKIE by Finn O'Branagáin add to cart
SPITTING CHIPS by Peta Murray add to cart
A TOAST TO MELBA by Jack Hibberd add to cart
VOCATIONS by Alma De Groen limited
YOUNGER AND SMALLER by Amelia Newman add to cart